Qigong and Meditation

Unifying body, energy and presence

Qigong (energy cultivation) is the art and science of harmonizing and unifying body, mind, energy and presence. These practices allow us to clear, balance and amplify our inherent vibration through body awareness in movement and stillness practices, breathing techniques and sound methods, along with cultivation of the heart, and of course attention and awareness training. Making the whole body conscious.

Qigong and body centered meditation are time tested training methods that with sincere practice, can give you the opportunity to deeply integrate all of who you are. Qigong practice develops the necessary skills to become fully present to your life, allowing you to let go of what is no longer useful, while supporting you in moving forward in this life in a more harmonious and loving fashion.

Radiant heart qigong: Embodied awareness training

This workshop is a dance of embodied awareness through the many dimensions of qigong cultivation. The vision of this practice is the unification of body, energy and presence to awaken our natural capacity to perceive and live through the heart. We will be softening and letting go of what is no longer in alignment with the heart while opening ourselves to what is always already present.

Unified whole body breathing : shaman’s bounce : vertical and horizontal opening : stretching the branches : earth and sky : twisting the central pillar : circling the heaven’s : dao hand mudras : spinal wave : balancing the elements : aligning to the central channel : awaken to the central sun : abide in the natural state of awareness : flower blossoms

Cost of service

  • Private meditation or qigong lesson: $60 per hour

Qigong and meditation methods offered

  • Embodied attention and awareness training
  • Radiant heart qigong: Embodied awareness training
  • Daoyin: Whole body stretching, self-massage and sense opening methods
  • Zhan zhuang: Standing meditation training and three bodies qigong
  • Dragon bagua zhang: Swimming body palm training and circle walking practices
  • Swimming dragon qigong: Rejuvenation, radiant complexion and weight loss method
  • Jian mai qigong: Turtle and crane longevity methods and self-massage
  • Taiji jian shen fa: Beautiful body method – activating the eight extraordinary channels
  • Ba duan jin qigong: Ancient style eight pieces of brocade qigong – whole body method
  • Healing sounds neigong: Activating the yin organs, central channel and more
  • Bone marrow washing qigong: Cleansing and purifying methods
  • Kunlun neigong: Microcosmic orbit meditation and more