Relaxing into your natural well being

  • Freeing oneself of anxiety and depression
  • Healing from lingering grief and loss
  • Processing and resolving trauma related issues
  • Releasing and letting go of unwanted patterns of relating to oneself and others
  • Deeply calming the mind and settling the nervous system
  • Dissolving stress and tension while profoundly relaxing the body
  • Balancing the mind body system holistically

Biodynamic craniosacral therapy

This system of hands on healing is a gentle form of bodywork that aims to heal and restore balance to the body from the inside out. The first part of the session is spent developing clarity in what you are seeking and discussing the particular issues of your being and life that you are looking to transform. You remain fully clothes during the entire session. As a practitioner, I will gently touch areas of your body which allows the nervous system to relax and settle into a deep sense of calm. This settling will allow the powerful healing potential of the deeper rhythms of life to emerge, innately moving through and clearing areas of bodily tension, leading you into deeper aspects of the letting go process.

This method of bodywork will allow you to relax into a sense of wholeness while gently and naturally letting go of what is no longer in alignment with your heart. One of the main goals for this healing work is to release old unwanted patterns of being while encouraging your natural radiance to shine through.

Cost of service

  • Individual healing session: $85 per hour
  • Sliding scale fee schedule can be applied when needed
  • Cancellation without 24 hour notice: 50% of service fee is due
  • I realize that occasionally 24 hours notice is not possible, so I will consider a one-time cancellation with no fee incurred