Holistic Living

A practical guide to wellness

Here are a few principles of holistic wellness that can get you on you way to a more harmonious lifestyle. They are simple and at the same time very profound. They create an empowering and stable foundation for healing and transformation. This is a list to get started and if you would like to go deeper into these ways of living, feel free to contact me with any questions.


  • Practice conscious deep breathing daily
  • Breathe natural with your full attention and awareness present in the body
  • Slow your breath down throughout the day


  • Drink pure water: stay hydrated
  • Filter your water when possible (chlorine, fluoride etc.)
  • Add some fresh squeezed lemon to enliven the water you do drink


  • Food as medicine: principles for wholesome nourishment of mind and body
  • More fruits, veggies, wild foods, along with herbs and spices
  • Increase digestive fire and the removal of toxins


  • Sleep deeply and learn to relax completely
  • If you are unable to sleep – practice mind body methods
  • Remove technology from bedroom and decrease technology at night


  • Exercise regularly: flexibility, strength and cardiovascular training
  • Walk in nature with senses open
  • Practice mind body methods: qigong, taiji quan, and yoga etc.


  • Meditate daily: conscious embodiment
  • Cultivate attention, awareness and heart centered presence
  • Present, centered and grounded are skillful qualities to embrace


  • Commune with the natural elements and harmonize with natures rhythms
  • Receive the healing power of the sun
  • Listen to the songs of the birds and sounds of nature


  • Find and live your life’s purpose
  • Find love in the service you offer the world
  • Self inquiry: who am I, why am I, and where am I going


  • Harmonize and balance your relationship with all aspects of yourself and with others
  • Cultivate loving relations with all of life
  • Starting with unconditional friendliness towards yourself